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About Lacy


I am a line producer, event specialist and newly emerging costume designer. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and the documentary feature “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” are among my television and film credits. As an advertising agency Account Supervisor, I managed multicultural consumer activations for clients, including Verizon, Powerade and Adidas.

Working under legendary television and live events producer Don Mischer as a production coordinator for the NBC telecast of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, I  assisted with auditioning cast, wardrobes and rehearsals for over 3,000 cast members over 2 years, and worked as stage manager during the live 4-hour television broadcast.


I used my marketing expertise to launch the feature documentary Versailles ‘73: American Runway Revolution on the Tugg web-platform, creating on-demand audience theatre experiences in multiple U.S. markets.  I also utilized the Seed&Spark film crowd-funding platform to raise the initial funds for the production of the feature documentary Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, which ultimately was nominated for the 2017 NAACP Image Awards and qualified for the Oscars for Best Documentary and Best Original Song. Both of these films were written and directed by my brilliant friend, Deborah Riley Draper, whom I've worked with for many years on various projects around the world, whose vision and creativity inspired me to start Lacy Barnes Design.

My Story


From a very early age, I developed a keen interest in sewing and design. The first Christmas gift I remember receiving around the age of 4 was a set of paper dolls. I was fascinated with the interchangeability of the paper outfits and by the age of six I had graduated to hand-sewing custom doll clothes for my sisters' and friends' dolls that I sold to them for 25 cents each, using the scraps and remnants left over from my grandmother's quilt-making. My mom made costumes for the school play when I was in second grade and I was obsessed with the creative process by that time. By the time I was 12 I began making my own clothes for school so that I no longer had to share outfits with my sisters!

My Design Philosophy


While studying Civil Engineering, Textile Engineering and Industrial Management at Georgia Tech, I spent my spare time as a sample seamstress and making bridesmaids' gowns for friends and fellow students. Those endeavors have informed my strengths as a designer, which center around my ability to utilize my analytical and critical thinking skills simultaneously with my creative and artistic skills. Costume design is a combination of technical knowledge and artistic talent, which I continuously support and nurture through my work and experience in event planning, line producing, world travel, live event production, garment construction, quilting and fashion illustration. I take design inspiration from collecting vintage couture patterns - inspiration currently being applied to a costume lookbook for an upcoming period feature film. Continuing education is an important part of my philosophy, so there are many areas of design I look forward to adding to my repertoire. 



Other interests and things I support:

Atlanta Youth Tennis & Education Foundation

Adaptive Tennis (special needs athletes)

Film Independent


Seed & Spark

Southern Documentary Fund

USTA Foundation


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